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Cores Ram Storage Transfer Pricing  
One 1GB 20 GB 2TB $20.44 Sign Up Now!
Two 2GB 50 GB 6TB $40.44 Sign Up Now!
Three 4GB 150 GB 10TB $60.44 Sign Up Now!
Four 6GB 200 GB 12TB $80.44 Sign Up Now!
Five 8GB 300 GB 14TB $100.44 Sign Up Now!
Six 10GB 350 GB 16TB $150.44 Sign Up Now!
Seven 12GB 400 GB 18TB $200.44 Sign Up Now!
Eight 14GB 500 GB 20TB $250.44 Sign Up Now!
Above are few example configs, on our order page you may mix and match CPU cores, storage and RAM as per your requirement, possibilities are infinite.

Our SSD hard drives!

With BluelemonHost SSD hard drives, you can expect much faster disk I/O performance as compared to a traditional storage medium (e.g. SATA). If your site is read/write heavy (lots of dynamic content or databases), our SSD cloud servers will dramatically improve your site's performance, resulting in a much-improved user experience..

  • Reboot-free Account UpgradesCPU and RAM can be upgraded on the fly, without rebooting your cloud server. BlueLemonHost's cloud servers thrive on on-demand scalability!
  • Remote Reboot and ConsoleWith BluelemonHost console access via your web browser, you are in complete control, and can even perform remote reboots without waiting for a support ticket to be answered!
  • FirewallsYour cloud is protected via Juniper Enterprise Class network firewall with DOS mitigation features. There's no need to invest in costly dedicated firewall hardware when you're a BluelemonHost customer.
  • Automatic Failover & high availabilityOnApp constantly monitors the status of servers in the cloud, and features an extremely valuable automatic failover process if a hypervisor becomes unavailable. Failover is initiated in 15 seconds if OnApp receives no response from a hypervisor, and the virtual machines it hosts are automatically migrated to a more suitable hypervisor in the cloud.
  • off-site BackupsBluelemonHost will provide you with on-demand backups as well as scheduled weekly/daily backup options. Feel free to duplicate, clone, or roll back your servers as needed - you can even save your server images locally.
  • First-class HardwareThe OnApp application powers our cloud and provides a comprehensive list of features High Availability, Auto-Scaling, Load Balancing are just some of its features. Our SANs are clustered into an Active/Passive configuration. This ensures no slowdowns in event of failover. Our SANs use SSD drives for read cache to provide excellent performance.